3 Tips for Testing Quality in Rattan Furniture

December 22, 2016

Rattan furniture has many benefits. It’s beautiful, strong, durable, and luxurious. But not all rattan furniture is created the same. Just like some wood furniture is made from cheap, poorly constructed particle board that won’t hold up to extended use, rattan furniture can be cheap or poorly constructed, as well. In light of this, it’s wise for discerning customers to test the quality of rattan furniture before making a purchasing decision. This allows you to ensure you’re getting quality pieces that will last, while also helping to educate you about the construction method of rattan furniture itself.

3 Tips for Testing the Quality of Rattan Furniture

So, you’ve come across some furniture you love at a local dealer. How do you know it’s the real thing? There are three simple tests:

1. Evaluate the weaving and wrapping

When rattan furniture is high-quality and expertly constructed, you won’t be able to pick apart the weaving or wrapping. Inspect the furniture closely and see if you can pick the wrapping away from the frame or loosen the weaving in any place. If the answer is yes, steer clear. That rattan furniture isn’t the quality you’re looking for.

2. Test the tension of the rattan

High-quality rattan furniture should feel “bouncy” and strong. In other words, it should be able to handle you pressing on it with your hand (or sitting on it) without losing its shape and tension. Remember: rattan is one of the strongest materials in nature, and anything that sags, droops, or wilts under pressure isn’t authentic and isn’t worth your money.

3. Test the furniture by sitting or reclining in it

Finally, test the furniture by using it the way you would at home. Recline in the rattan chaise lounge to see if the material bites into bare skin or feels unstable or unsound. If so, it’s likely you’re dealing with a cheap piece of imitation rattan furniture.

Real, high-quality rattan furniture provides strength without sharp edges or “biting.” What’s more, it should hold its shape under pressure, and should feel solid and sturdy on the ground. While you can certainly dress the rattan furniture up with pillows or cushions to make it more beautiful and welcoming, you shouldn’t buy a piece of furniture that you feel like you need to drape in pillows just to make it comfortable and safe to sit on.

Additional Considerations When Buying Rattan Furniture

Now that you know how to test the quality of the rattan furniture you’re interested in, let’s talk about what else you should consider during the purchasing process:

Synthetic vs. Real Rattan

While many people shy from the mention of synthetic rattan, it’s important to remember that synthetic doesn’t immediately mean “cheap” or “low-quality.” Today, synthetic rattan furniture can be every bit as beautiful and luxurious as its authentic counterpart. In some cases, it’s even more durable.

The largest benefit of synthetic rattan is that it won’t rot or degrade when left outside in a rainy or wet environment. This makes it an ideal choice for any homeowner who wants high-quality and durable outdoor furniture that offers the look and feel of rattan without all the maintenance.

How Tight is the Weave?

The weave on rattan furniture has a major effect on its durability. The tighter the weave of the rattan is, the more durable it will be. Keep in mind that some low-quality rattan furniture manufacturers will try to save money and materials by using a looser weave in their products. Unfortunately, this will just break down over time and will translate into a disappointing furniture experience for you.

The Frame of the Furniture

One thing people seldom think about with rattan furniture is its frame. Because authentic rattan is sensitive to water, however, it’s critical to ensure that you’re not purchasing anything with a frame that will rust or corrode in the elements. Generally, high-quality rattan dealers use aluminum frames in their furniture, since it’s lightweight, strong, and impervious to corrosion.

The Functionality of the Product

Today, rattan furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and you can buy traditional standbys, like tables and chairs, or choose to invest in a fun and exciting new type of furniture, like an outdoor bed or loveseat. No matter what you choose to purchase, be sure that it will be functional and user-friendly for the entire family.

Rattan Furniture: Your Key to Comfortable Outdoor Living

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