4 Things to Look For in Rattan Furniture in NZ

November 10, 2016

Rattan furniture isn’t only for a homeowner’s patio or backyard deck setup. Many other professionals interested in commercial projects benefit from rattan furniture, and the possibilities for its use are endless!

Most commercial projects involve some element of outdoor space. Whether you’re designing a backyard landscape, creating a fun bar area for a restaurant, or even working on a retail shop project, there will be room for seating to consider. How can you help the furniture add to the space, making it more elegant and luxurious for your customers?

Choosing the right type of furniture goes a long way in creating a vibe for the space. Not only should the structure of the furniture be of high quality, the design itself should also be taken into account. Customers will take notice if the design of the space is cohesive, whether it’s an outdoor bar, hotel lobby seating, or even just a couple chairs outside a store. 

That’s where you come in. You have the power to choose the right furniture for your commercial space. Which type stands out?

Rattan furniture is the best choice for commercial seating and table needs. Here are a few factors to look for when choosing the right rattan. 

1. Will It last?

It’s important that furniture in any location last a long time, but this is even more crucial for all types of commercial projects. Because there will, ideally, be a high volume of traffic in the space, the furniture must withstand intense daily use. A restaurant, hotel, or bar wouldn’t want to invest in frequent replacements, so it’s valuable to choose durable furniture from the beginning.

Rattan is made from resilient raw materials that are designed to survive lots of use, as well as weather concerns. Since it would be used outdoors, the furniture needs to remain intact even throughout continued rain and storms. With rattan, the water rolls right off the furniture (as well as its cushions), eliminating the chance of water damage, including mold.

The nuts and bolts of how rattan furniture is made also contribute to its long-lasting qualities. If these parts of the pieces, though they’re not seen, were to deteriorate, the furniture would need replacing even if the rattan itself was in good shape. To prevent this, rattan furniture is made with bolts, staples and other building materials that are strong and rust-proof, so they will not be damaged easily.


2. Is it comfortable?

In a commercial space, no matter what type, the customer or visitor is the main focus. All parts of the space are designed with them in mind. Even spaces such as landscaped gardens, ideal for walking, must involve the visitor who might want a space to rest and enjoy the view from one spot.

For that reason, when choosing furniture, rattan is the way to go for comfort. It is outfitted with comfortable cushions that can be customized. If the buyer wants to create a cozy nook for relaxation, thicker cushions can do that. However, if the space is designed more for a quick rest while grabbing a bite to eat, thinner cushions would do the trick.

Regardless, rattan offers a comfortable place for a visitor or customer to rest. It is sure to please more than a simple metal seat, and it will make the customer’s visit likely longer than it would have been otherwise.

3. Does it match the design?

You may already have a cohesive design in mind, complete with colors and textures chosen specifically to bring out the space’s goals and vision. Outdoor furniture, then, must add to this. If it doesn’t match on a basic level, a customer will notice it right off the bat.

Rattan furniture, thankfully, is nearly endlessly customizable. Not only can the designer choose the actual shape, size, and arrangement of the pieces, its colors and cushions can be chosen, too. That way, the outdoor space can align with and complement the inside’s color scheme and overall feel.


Customers, then, can enjoy the outdoor seasons without losing the vibe of the indoor space. It will represent a cohesive design that will draw in more customers over time.

4. What happens if it needs repairs?

Rattan cannot last forever, though it can last quite a while. It’s important to ensure that the company you choose has a good system in place for repairs and replacements. A system like this would involve a quick turnaround time, to start, so that your outdoor space could get back to top shape as soon as possible. They should also be ready and willing to answer questions, work on original designs, and deliver your new furniture to your business.

Rattan furniture is the best way to complete your commercial space. Whether you’re building a restaurant’s bar area, outfitting a landscaped yard, or offering a seat outside a retail shop, check out rattan and all its benefits soon! Use these four tips when finding the perfect furniture set for your needs.