5 Creative Ways to Use Garden Furniture This Summer

December 13, 2016

Garden furniture is an excellent household accessory. Creative, flexible, and easy to customize to your unique style, garden furniture is a fantastic way to make your outdoor space function exactly the way you want it to.

This summer, use these five creative tips to make your outdoor space comfortable, luxurious and relaxing all throughout the summer season.

1. Make a reading nook in the garden

For a luxurious and relaxing space, add a small reading nook to a section of the backyard. You don’t need much furniture to do this – just add a small chair and ottoman to a secluded space of the garden and set it off with a side table – perfect for catching a chilly drink and a good boo.

Although this is a straightforward and easy update, it’s an excellent way to create a secluded space that can serve as a welcome getaway all summer long.

2. Set up an outdoor sleeping space

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a nap in the summer sun, but found it uncomfortable to relax fully in a chaise lounge, install an outdoor sleeping space. Easy to construct from pallets or store-bought furniture, an outdoor sleeping space can be dressed up with indoor/outdoor pillows, your favorite light blanket, and even a small canopy to shield you from the direct sun. 

No matter what you choose to do, ensure that your outdoor sleeping space is made from durable material, like rattan, and that you set it up in an area where it’s likely to be used. Be mindful of the fact that excess moisture or direct sunlight can ruin an outdoor sleeping space – it’s smart to arrange the sleeping space somewhere where it has some shelter from the elements.

3. Use ottomans as storage space

Just like indoor stools can be used as additional storage space, so, too, can outdoor ottoman. If you need extra storage space for your summertime toys or accessories, look into finding durable, beautiful garden furniture that offers additional storage compartments. Today, this furniture doesn’t need to look utilitarian or mechanical. Instead, it can be beautiful, comfortable, and functional all at once.

4. Use outdoor sectionals to create a unique lounge area

While most people consider a few chairs or chaise lounges “outdoor seating,” use a large sectional couch to create an exclusive lounge area that can comfortably accommodate ten or twelve people. Ideal for anyone who likes to entertain regularly, a large sectional is a perfect place to relax, catch some summer sun, and make the most of the warmest months of the year. To dress your sectional up, use outdoor pillows to add a splash of color and luxury, and consider adding side tables and ottomans for additional storage and more places to rest a drink, book, or some tired feet.

5. Anchor your garden furniture with outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are made from beautiful, fast-drying fabric that can withstand the wear and tear of the elements. To make your space more cohesive and bring some of the luxuries of the indoors outside, choose a colorful and comfortable outdoor rug that can anchor your garden furniture and make the space more contained. Ideal for use on a patio, deck, or porch, outdoor rugs are perfect for making your space more welcoming.

The Key to Luxury Outdoor Living: Choose Garden Furniture You Love

While garden furniture is an exciting accessory, the key to making it all work is finding items you love. For best results, choose garden furniture that makes you happy, that will withstand the elements accordingly, and that offers sturdy functionality that suits your lifestyle.

If your needs are highly specific, consider talking to a furniture professional about having garden furniture custom-made for your unique needs. This will allow you to find the garden furniture you need to suit your specific requirements, and will also ensure that the garden furniture you choose will suit your purposes for years to come.

When you invest the time and money needed into finding garden furniture that suits your purposes, you’ll be rewarded with highly customizable, unique, and comfortable patio furniture that you can use in a variety of settings and arrangements. This, in turn, will make your outdoor space more comfortable and useful throughout the years. 

If you’re looking for unique garden furniture you can use in a selection of creative ways, contact our team today. Our specialists will help you navigate our wide selection and discuss custom options that may work for you and your purposes.