Christmas Shopping for Outdoor Furniture

November 03, 2016

Christmas comes around each year, and you might find yourself facing the same struggle: what would be the perfect gifts for your loved ones? It can feel tedious to find individual gifts for a large family, as well. What if there were a gift that would benefit an entire family at once?

Thinking outside the box is crucial for giving great Christmas gifts. Instead of relying on old standbys, you can give a gift that will stand the test of time. Which gift is the one that any homeowner and their family will love?

In NZ, rattan furniture is the Christmas gift of the moment. It can’t fit under the Christmas tree, but it makes a statement and offers so much. There are many benefits that the varieties of luxury outdoor furniture can bring. Here are just a few of those perks that your loved ones will enjoy as they unwrap the best gift they’ve received in years.

1. A completed home update.

Often, what prevents homeowners from undertaking home renovations is the process itself. There is usually a lengthy timetable involved and little reward along the way. Waiting for the finished product can be challenging. Why not give the gift of a complete home upgrade?

If you give rattan furniture sets, all the homeowner has to do is set it up in their existing outdoor space. This simple addition can transform the space and represent a full circle update. This would be the perfect gift for the homeowner in your life who likes to make small changes to their spaces but who truly wants bigger changes. Luxury outdoor furniture is a great way to help them achieve the look they want for that part of their home quickly.

2. An outdoor party.

Hosting guests can get stuffy if the only available space is that on the inside of the home. Plenty more space might be free outdoors, but without the proper seating and tables, these spaces will be underutilized.

As a gift, rattan furniture virtually increases the square footage of the home by offering another place for people to mingle and spend time together. Specifically, your loved ones can extend their gatherings to their outdoor areas, allowing them to take advantage of the beauty the Auckland area has to offer. Designer outdoor furniture will give them confidence when hosting parties, as well, as guests will be impressed with their seating options and their design.

3. An updated outdoor space.

Many New Zealanders have furniture outdoors, and they use it often. But it can deteriorate quickly if it isn’t made of quality materials. An update to long-lasting furniture will be a welcome gift, especially since many homeowners prioritize their indoor spaces instead of the outdoor ones.

With rattan furniture, they’ll receive the gift of weatherproof, well-designed outdoor seating and tables. These will last longer than other materials, making them cost effective, and they’ll look great in addition to having a strong foundation.

4. A space for hobbies.

When giving a gift, it’s important to consider what the recipient enjoys doing. For example, you may have a family member who loves reading or one who likes to lie out by the pool. Another may thrive when they host dinner gatherings.

However, there are much more inventive gifts to give than books for the reader and beach towels for the summer enthusiast. Someone interested in hospitality may not need another kitchen appliance or serving dish.


What about giving the gift of a space each of your unique loved ones can use to participate in their most beloved activities?

For example, a rattan chair can provide the most luxurious atmosphere for outdoor reading, just like a table and chairs can upgrade the hostess’ party space. A rattan lounge chair can make the poolside friend most comfortable when soaking up the summer sun.

Essentially, instead of giving the typical gift based on a person’s interest, unique furniture can be a new approach to addressing these interests.

5. Time to invest in relationships.


Often, the best gift is one that represents what we all want: more time. We can’t actually give time as a gift, but we can give items and experiences that allow us to use our time wisely.

For example, a gift of two rattan chairs represents the place where many future talks and gatherings will occur. It might lead to daily time spent reading the paper outside when previously that time had been spent on the computer. It may lead to important discussions that make a difference for a lifetime.

Most importantly, this gift of space will encourage the recipient to fill that space with their loved ones and bring them closer together.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Christmas, it’s time to shop for outdoor furniture! It might seem like an odd gift, but this unique approach to the holiday season will benefit the recipient for years to come. Start thinking of which of your loved ones would enjoy a new outdoor upgrade today!