Contemporary Furniture for Your New Zealand Hotel

November 24, 2016

As an interior designer for a hotel, you have the job of creating an atmosphere that guests will love. Not only are you responsible for designing comfortable, elegant rooms, but you are also in charge of how the rest of the hotel will feel when a guest arrives.

Many people may think that the rooms are the most important part of the hotel when it comes to design. It’s true that they are a major factor in how a guest will feel about their experience at the hotel, but nowadays, staying at a hotel is much more than a room.

In our modern area, guests are looking for a cohesive experience everywhere they go. This is true of hotels, as well. Guests spend time in the hotel’s lobby, in the courtyards and exercise area, and out by the pool. These areas are prime spaces for designers. They represent a chance to make a guest feel welcome.

Contemporary furniture, like handwoven rattan, can achieve the goal hotel designers bring to every space. It’s the perfect fit for several reasons. The following are just a few, but there are many more reasons that rattan furniture will elevate your hotel’s design. How will it fit your space?

1. Guests want elegance.

Even if a guest is on a business trip or simply stopping for the night during a long drive, everyone wants the place they choose to sleep to be well kept. Many take it to the next level, though, and want to stay in a hotel that boasts more elegant features than they usually experience.

They typically enjoy the sparkle and shine that a hotel offers, from the lobby to dining areas and rooms. Designers incorporate certain pieces in order to achieve that affect, like elaborate chandeliers and stylish granite countertops, but the furniture itself can also place guests in an elegant world they’ll love.

    Rattan furniture, when used in and around a hotel, provides an upscale version of typical hotel lounge chairs. Instead of the usual commercial patterned couches, which are sometimes uncomfortable, guests can enjoy comfortable cushioned rattan chairs, benches, and more. Their look is sleek and contemporary, which will allow guests to feel like they’re in a brand-new, specialty hotel, not in one that looks like all the others.

    2. Hotels are destinations in themselves.

    These days, guests don’t use hotels simply to get their rest and sightsee elsewhere. Hotels have become actual destinations themselves. This means designers have the chance to give guests a memorable experience as they spend more time in spaces they put together.

    For example, many families, during group vacations, stay at the same hotel. When the goal of the trip is to spend time together, this can happen anywhere, not only at tourist attractions in the area. They’ll gather in the morning for a nice breakfast and in the evening in the lobby to recount the day. Sometimes the kids will take a swim while their parents catch up. All of these activities require intentional decisions when it comes to seating.

    If the hotel is where guests stay for more than sleep, designers can offer them a unique experience with the hotel’s different amenities. Rattan furniture will make them feel like they’re at a cute café during breakfast or at a spa when they’re next to the pool. When they’re tired at night but still want to stay awake to talk, rattan furniture’s cushions will keep them comfy.

    Overall, contemporary furniture, like rattan, elevates a hotel to a destination in itself, offering guests an upscale experience.

    3. Owners want durable furniture.

    As a designer, you can select materials that the hotel’s owners will not have to replace for years to come. The key here is choosing furniture that is durable and stylish, and rattan fits the bill for those qualifications. Its woven materials are strong and made to withstand both use and weather concerns.

    Each piece is also foundationally solid because of aluminum structure rods hidden under the woven materials. This way, weight is distributed among each piece, instead of being focused solely on the woven parts. This design, therefore, means that the furniture will last as many guests cycle through the hotel. If it is used outdoors, owners need not worry about weather that would wear down their furniture. It will withstand water and other weather events, making it great for all seasons.

    As a hotel designer, contemporary furniture is a must. From lobbies and rooms to poolside areas and courtyards, rattan furniture helps guests feel comfortable and at home. When you consider options for your hotel, think about rattan’s ability to last a long time, serve as a gathering place, and create an elegant vibe. Start sketching your options today!