Quality Outdoor Furniture for Your Commercial Projects

November 17, 2016

When you’re choosing furniture for your commercial projects, there are many factors to consider. Design—colors, patterns, and texture—is just as important as quality. You don’t want to sacrifice one for the other; you want the whole package.

Most of all, you want your furniture to be durable. Its quality boils down to that one factor. Since your commercial spaces will have a lot of traffic, it is crucial that the furniture you choose can withstand plenty of use. Customers will notice a worn-down cushion or frayed woven material, and that impacts their opinion of your space and the companies within it.

What’s the best solution?

Rattan furniture represents quality outdoor furniture for all kinds of commercial spaces. Here’s how it works in a variety of areas. Whatever your commercial needs, rattan will contribute both great design and durability.

1. Hotel Courtyards and Pools

A hotel is a perfect space to make a statement with furniture. You may have established a cohesive look throughout the individual rooms and in the lobby and dining areas, but what about the hotel’s outdoor spaces?

If your space will have a courtyard, rattan furniture brings the quality you’re looking for. It will match the elegance and style of the rest of the hotel, all while withstanding whatever weather comes your way. It will encourage guests to rest outside and enjoy their visit to the area in a unique way, and it will bring luxury to the hotel’s pool area. Guests will love the chance to feel pampered, even down to the chair they relax in.

2. Restaurant Seating

An upscale café loses some of its stature when its outdoor furniture is rickety, without cushions, or hard to navigate. Instead of tiny bistro sets, you can try comfortable rattan furniture. When they’re seated outdoors but in chairs that make them feel like they’re inside, they’ll enjoy a great outdoor dining experience.

This type of furniture can offer comfort from cushions that are also weatherproof, so a designer or owner doesn’t have to abandon any cushioning in order to account for potential rain and storms. Rattan umbrellas can also be a good addition to outdoor seating; their durability and strength will keep diners shaded effectively.

3. Business Parks

Many business parks operate like campuses; they house offices but also boast spaces to gather, hold meetings, eat lunch, or simply enjoy the outdoors during a long work day. In order to encourage these activities, you can fill this type of commercial space with rattan furniture. Its quality will align with the upscale atmosphere a business park brings with it, and it will offer a relaxing way to unwind during the day.


Often, offering a unique space to work can impact the entire feel of the business park. Employees will enjoy coming to work when they know they have the option to work in a variety of locations. Your park will come to be known as one intended for its inhabitant’s comfort and pleasure.

4. Outdoor Shopping Malls

Many shopping malls nowadays are letting the indoor model go by the wayside. Instead, they’re built with sidewalks and small streets to connect the visitors to other stores, creating a small village atmosphere. Just as indoor malls require benches and rest areas, these outdoor malls need furniture that will not only last through a lot of use, but also through weather concerns.

Rattan can offer this durability along with what shoppers truly need—a spot to rest comfortably. Thick cushions and small tables will allow them to recharge for more shopping, but they’ll get all the benefits of remaining outside, enjoying the sunny seasons as they come.


5. Healthcare Centers

Healthcare centers may contain mostly visitors who need treatment, but they can be more than exam rooms. Why not ensure that the entire healthcare center you design can contribute to its visitors’ health?

With quality outdoor furniture, patients will be encouraged to soak up the sun and walk around the building’s outdoor space. It’ll also offer rest spaces for older patients and those who may struggle with movement. For those who work at these centers, too, they offer an area to get fresh air, enjoy a meal outside, and recharge for the day.

6. Sports and Wellness Centers

Wellness centers are also places that need quality outdoor furniture. Rattan can match the upscale atmosphere you might design, and it can extend the self-care vibe that will be present in a commercial space designed for exercise, spa treatments, and more.

As you design your commercial space, keep quality outdoor furniture in mind. Start imagining areas where rattan could add to the overall feel of the space and offer visitors a unique way to experience all the commercial space has to offer.