Rattan Furniture: Perfect for Summer 2016

November 01, 2016

Summer’s finally arrived! It’s the perfect time for relaxation, time outdoors, and enjoying the Auckland area. You might start to spend more time in the outside portions of the home, such as the backyard or front porch. You’ve been looking forward to this since spring made its first appearance.

But are those outdoor spaces ready, too?

Maybe you have an older patio set that has survived several summers but has seen better days. Perhaps you installed a pool last summer but still don’t have adequate seating and accessories around it. Or maybe it’s simply time for an update to make your outdoor spaces look as luxurious as the indoor.

Rattan furniture is the perfect way to make this season your best yet. It will allow you to enjoy the great vibes you’ll feel from spending time in the summer sun and feel as comfortable outside as you do inside.

Here are a few key features of rattan furniture that make it the best fit for your outdoor seating and design needs.

1. Custom Designs

Rattan furniture may come in several popular choices, but it definitely is not a one-size-fits-all seating solution. Instead, it can be chosen to fit the particular space you have. Even if you think your patio is too small to consider “updating,” a small rattan furniture set could fit and elevate the space.

This type of furniture can even be customized for many different desired purposes. For example, you might want poolside seats, and that would take a specific design. You might be envisioning a gathering place near an outdoor bar. In this case, some high stools would be appropriate. Whatever your design goals, rattan furniture can meet them.

2. Weatherproof Materials

Rattan looks similar to wicker, but it brings one key difference (and benefit): it’s weatherproof. No matter what comes its way, it will remain just the same throughout the years. Additionally, rattan furniture in NZ is built with the area’s specific climate in mind. This way, those who invest in adding it to their outdoor spaces can be confident that they’re getting a lasting product.

Rattan brings weatherproof materials without sacrificing the look of the furniture. It may not be wicker, but it retains the distinct look of outdoor furniture—without the wear and tear or almost immediate weather damage.

3. Sturdy Design

Rattan furniture is handwoven, but it is by no means fragile. Manufacturers gird the woven parts of the furniture with aluminum frames. This design element gives seats and tables solid structures, ensuring that the design elements of the furniture are backed up by a good foundation.

While they are weatherproof, these pieces of furniture can be tossed in the wind if a particularly strong storm comes through. With sturdy framework, owners can be sure that their furniture won’t break easily and can survive even the toughest weather conditions.

4. Quality Materials Throughout

Outdoor furniture must have the best quality materials, and rattan fits the bill. But rattan furniture won’t survive if only the rattan itself is in good shape. Each part must be top of the line in order to come together to make a piece of quality outdoor furniture.

For example, even the bolts, staples and nails used to bring the furniture together must contribute to the sustainability of the piece. In NZ, rattan furniture is made with non-rust bolts, staples and nails. This ensures that these small parts of each piece that may not even be seen by the user don’t add unnecessary wear and tear to the piece as a whole.

5. Summer Vibes

Part of the fun of using rattan furniture to create an outdoor space is establishing the perfect summer vibes for the season. Rattan offers the best look for a true summer retreat space. Since they’re designed to withstand all weather, these pieces are ready for taking a seat right after a swim. They’re comfortable enough to enjoy a long talk by the fire over s’mores, and they make every outdoor meal feel special, like a summer event in itself.

Imagine the scene: under the bright sunshine, guests for a summer gathering grab their drinks at the bar area and pile a plate high with all the season’s classics. With rattan furniture designed to make these gatherings extra special, every guest will feel the magic of summer as the sun sets.

6. Adaptable for All Seasons

Even though rattan furniture is ideal for the NZ summer, it can be easily adapted to fit the early fall season as summer wanes. In fact, having quality outdoor furniture can encourage you to continue spending time outside when you might not have otherwise. For example, a quick change in pillow designs can make the rattan seating you have outside point to the fall season. With a space dedicated to luxury outdoor living, you’ll begin to find ways to adapt that space for use all year.

Now that you know the many benefits of rattan furniture, it’s time to start designing! Sketch a plan for your outdoor space, choose colors, and take the next step toward the perfect area for enjoying the New Zealand summer.