Cantilever Sun Umbrella Large


Three meters to give shade to your whole outdoor area. This is one of the lightest but most resistant sun umbrellas you'll find. The quality and build of this sun umbrella is superb. The entire structure is made with a powered coated Aluminium to withstand the harsh New Zealand climate. This is paired with a thick canvas that is extremely resistant to wind and acts as a water proofing layer when opened up. The umbrella folders up neatly against the main pole and be tied down with straps. An optional cover is also available to cover the entire sun umbrella.


This clever design can rotate 360 degrees, tilt up to 75 degrees down the pole and twist 45 degrees from side to side.


This also comes with four triangular granite weights that hold down the entire sun umbrella.



Cover available and recommended



L (cm)

W (cm)

H (cm)







Base footprint





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